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Domain.com found that video increases listing inquiries by 403%?
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Most MLS systems will let you embed a branded and unbranded video for your listing. The unbranded video is so agents can send your listing (through the MLS system), to their clients without your contact information. This is also very convenient to send the buyer’s agent (outside of the MLS system), for a pre listing, pocket listing or MLS excluded property. Then they can forward to their clients without the feeling of having to conceal your contact info.

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ALL Videos Include

  • Buyer-guided video tour with motion effects.

  • Professionally written video script & description.

  • Professional voiceover narration adding life, excitement and curiosity!

  • Royalty free background music.

  • Image enhancement & color correction.

  • Premium high definition (HD) video.

  • Optimized & ready for YouTube, Vimeo, MLS or your personal website.

  • Accessible on any device: phone, tablet or computer.

  • 3-5 business day turnaround.

  • BONUS #1 – Custom video intro/outro with your logo!

  • BONUS #2 – TWO versions of your video, one branded & one un-branded!

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About Us

Welcome to HyperSold

HyperSold was created out of necessity for Realtors by Realtors. As a California based Realtor with a strong background in website and video development, Todd noticed a disconnect between the buyer and the listing, specifically in marketing and the way property videos were being made.

They were not providing any value to their most important audience, the buyer. How easy is it to dismiss a property when viewing it online? Worse off, most Realtors do not use video even though recent Domain.com statistics proved that video increases listing inquires by 403%! Facebook also estimates in only 5 years time their platform will be 100% video.

Even though video is the future, not all videos are created equal. Video does not need to be elaborate, but it does need to convey the right message stimulating the two main human senses, sight and sound and the two main points of focus, features and benefits. Think about it, how often do you watch a movie with no sound, no one talking, or no direction? There needs to be purpose behind every bit of information presented to the buyer. That’s the premise of HyperSold – Purposeful, Result-based Marketing. We utilize the power of professional voice-over narration, narrated neighborhood sight maps, and a convincing, buyer-focused script that we write for you to make your property video come to life! Headquartered near Butterfly Beach in the beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, HyperSold keeps a full-time in-house staff, uses cutting edge technology and is committed to over-deliver value to their customers.

Every listing is unique, our mission is to Expose it.

Founders Todd Bollinger & Kimberly Sky